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Cattle Trailing over snow


Our place is located outside the small town of Absarokee, Montana, just an hour southwest of Billings, nestled close to the Beartooth Mountains. A cowherd owned and operated by Jeremy, Kate, and Chael Roberts.
On any year, the calves and the scenery will be worth the drive.

Committed, as a family,  to consistently breeding the highest quality of cattle we can, and continually making our best, better. We are building a top-level, multi-breed donor lineup, the best that we can find and afford. Our recipient herd serves as one of our most important tools and we are constantly improving that base as well. With a strong focus on cow families, our breeding program consists of some artificial insemination (AI), but mostly embryo transfer (ET). The pairs run on native grasses throughout the summer close to the Beartooth mountain range. Every fall, we offer a consistent brand of show steers and heifers in the Northern Advantage online sales. Expect steers that are burley and next-level sound. Females and bulls that meet the Northern Advantage standard –
they are distinct, attractive, and practical.

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