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Jeremy Roberts with calf


The cowherd is managed by Jeremy - grounded in values and cow herd knowledge. Born and raised in Montana, Jeremy began a position at Leachman Cattle Co. in MT at the early age of 16. It was there that he learned a great deal about cowherd management. The skills to select and feed cattle is on point. A risk-taking strategy, and the ability to make unique breeding decisions have helped us sustain a solid foundation to build our brand.

Kate Roberts Photographing Livestock


A strong love for the lifestyle, good cattle, and the American West. When I am not at home with my family and daily operation, I can be found enjoying the company of top ranchers across the country as I work to capture the highlights of their program. I have very high expectations in all things and like to spend my time with those of the same mindset. All great brands are built with a unique vision and kept with consistency.

Chael Roberts Branding


Chael is invested. His love for livestock, showing multi species and relationships with both adults and youth have been a joy to experience. Since a very young age, Chael had a rare sense of the business. His cow herd knowledge and day to day involvement is always growing and is essential to our small family team.

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