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Sunset of the rims


Distinct appeal, masculine, and practical.

Fur Trader



IGWT x ROXI (MAB x Beat The Heat)

It's tough to build ones that last, in any breed. But when they are made with this much structural integrity and honest contribution, it is possible. FT has large feet for the breed,  and loves to travel. He has bred cows in both spring and fall breeding seasons for the last 4 years, has never had his feet trimmed. He is 5 years old. An extremely fertile bull, that froze high quality semen at less than a year of age. 


Fur Trader is ideal off both ends of his skeleton. Use him to add function back into your club calf cows. Calves are ultra sound and complete.


Fur Trader’s dam, Roxi, is a big, stout, no miss donor.  Fur Trader is backed by an incredible stack of maternal-based cows. THC - PHAF - DSF



Leased by STgenetics
Owned with Heffner Cattle and Bernhardt




Simmental Purebred 3615195  

Broker x DMCC Annabelle 3A (full sib to Loaded Up) 

A problem free, rugged and powerful purebred sire. Long bodied, loaded with rib shape and has an attractive, masculine head. Hiawatha is extremely sound moving for the mass he carries.


Calf reports from commercial cattleman have been great! His calves are very vigorous at birth and have come easy, many have used Hiawatha on heifers.


 His Dam is a beautiful cow, a full sister to Loaded Up and has generated a substantial return!

Owned with Diamond M Cattle and ZWT Ranch


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