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Northern Females


Roxi Crossbred Donor



MAB x Beat the Heat x RSVP x TC Dividend

The cow that built us. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all the cows that precede this donor, dating back to her great granddam...and what a set of stacked cows that was!!! It lead to the half-interest purchase in Roxi’s dam, from Oregon breeder and lifelong friend, Dwight Heffner. That Beat the Heat daughter "Blondie" was a beast of a young cow that gave me so much excitement for the business. It was there that we began this venture, with a near empty check-book and a full vision.


Since in production, Roxi’s calves have averaged a real and solid $10,000 plus. She hits on every mating. Roxi is one of the biggest MAB daughters out there, with a massive hip and dense body.


Owned with Heffner Cattle, Kosinski Family


610 Charolais Composite Donor


Charolais Composite  

Monopoly x PLZ Brooklyn 939P 

Chael's first show heifer, raised right here! It was a memorable and successful time with White Cloud as she claimed Supreme Overall AOB Female at the NILE Stock Show both as a calf and as a bred heifer. 


610's best days though, are as a cow, as we knew they would be. She has an impeccable structure, square base and a soft look that breeds true. You cannot beat the hind leg she puts in one. Females out of 610 are producing for our customers and her steer calves will be in high demand as we focus more heavily on her. Her last steer calf sold for $25,000 in our 2022 fall online sale.

Owned with Heffner Cattle


7005 Crossbred Donor



Troubadour x Alias x Meyer

We call her APACHE! She was the lot 1, half-interest sale feature in the OKC- 2022 Western Elite.

The Dam of 7005 is the great Alias cow 7522 that has truly left a mark at Duello Cattle Company, contributing many daughters and granddaughters that have been highlights of the program. The influence of the 7522 cow family is monumental. You will see the same happen here in Montana.

Owned with Dave Duello


8156 Maine Donor



Maternal Made x Pole Position (Cunia x Meyer x Fullback) 

We were searching for a unique featured black cow to raise both steers and heifers with and we landed on this female from Chad Thompson. 8156 was lot 1 in their 2020 bred female sale. She is quickly proving to be diverse and taking us in the right direction. A female that has so much to offer in in terms of build, making cattle that are as fundamentally superior as anything we've had. Her first two calves at our place sold in our 2022 fall online sale for a combined amount of $29,000. She is wicked good.


44F Maine Donor



COMBAT(Unstoppable x Epinal) x BOWA (Sunseeker x Anchor x Crimson Beauty 11E) 

This type and kind in the Maine-Anjou breed fits the Roberts program best. Stout, pretty, soft. She is good headed with a good udder and big feet. Things we covet and love to perfect. We are really excited to get going on this one. Raising steers with a foundation cow behind them is something we put a lot of value in.  Her first few ET calves are on the ground. She is producing the power and distinct look that we had hoped for. 

Owned with Heffner Cattle


4E SimAngus Donor


Simmental SimAngus 3299992

Double Black x Aubreys Black Blaze II 5T 


Arguably, our most elite cow in terms of phenotype and diversity alone. One of the best finds in our cattle buying to date. Raised by Diamond M Cattle in Kansas and out of the great 5T cow family. 4E, after proving her worth with natural calves, has produced well over $100,000 within in her first 2 years of ET calves, consisting of Simmental bulls and females. Her most recent contribution was our $40,000 high selling Here I Am steer last fall.  We are utilizing her in multiple breeds. There are not many cows that can do all things. She is one.

Owned with the Kosinski Family


58F Simmental Donor


Simmental Purebred 3457709

Pays To Believe x Broker 

She was said by many to be the best purebred they’d seen that fall. The days at the backdrop were great, but we always believed she would be one of those cows that would transmit those finer details into her offspring that are so hard to get, especially in purebreds. Her Dam, is a maternal masterpiece, on foot and in pedigree, dating back to the great VDAR Beauty cow family, here in Montana. This cow is one you will hear more about at our place. 
58F produced our $23,000 high selling Simmental
heifer calf last fall.


Owned with Heffner Cattle


4631 Charolais Donor

DONOR 4631


Hoodoo x Hoodoo 6020 

Several years ago we inquired about purchasing this female. Finally getting the opportunity to purchase one of the only known and true, purebred HOODOO cows that are left in existence. We just started flushing this female. Her first ET calves by IGWT are on the ground and will be highly thought of this fall. We believe that she will offer us herd sire candidates and females that are exactly what modern cattle are in need of.


Y95 Angus Donor


Angus 19062906

SITZ 9929 x GAR Expectation x 6807 


Y95 is out of the WAR HILL Blackbone Annie cow, a historical piece in the Angus breed. Her look is timeless and classically loved. A time tested pedigree of the West. She holds a presence and allure of her very own and that’s what drew us to her and influenced our decision to start flushing her. As we venture further into breeding show heifers of other breeds, the world needs more of these kind behind them and to model after -the cows.

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